What is Shared Hosting | VPS Servers | Dedicated Servers 2022

What is Shared Hosting | VPS Servers | Dedicated Servers 2022

Hi, welcome to my licloud today we will see we will talk about the different type of servers like shared VPs and dedicated servers. What are the servers?What are the benefits of using it? What are the difference in between all these trial servers? We will talk all these things in this video.So we are going to talk about what we are going to start with the shared server. What is shared hosting? Nowadays everybody see website and they have seen many ads from GoDaddy Hosting India.

So these are a few of the favorite hosting providers that provide you to host your website on the servers. Most probably they provide the shared hosting VPs and dedicated service. So how you will understand which server will be best for you. So we will talk about shared hosting first.Shared hosting is one of the most common and popular forms of web hosting service.

It is generally provided by web hosting service providers which usually have multiple web servers on site. Upon sign up with the provider, each website's local partition or space is created on the web server which houses data for that website only. Other websites are also present on the same server simultaneously, sharing their storage, computing power, network and other resources.Since it is a shared service, shared hosting is a cheaper alternative to dedicated hosting.

Shared hosting is recommended for websites that are smaller in size, don't have large amount of website traffic, have considerably lower security concerns and require cost effective solutions for website hosting. As you understood, we use shared hosting for a small blogging kind of website where we don't get a lot of traffic or huge traffic on the website or those websites which does not require a lot of server resources in those scenarios. Or also startups can consider using shared hosting. So share hosting will be useful in these kind of scenarios.

Now we will talk about VPs.Vps hosting uses a parent server to host multiple virtual servers separated from each other using software called a hypervisor. The hosting company implements a virtual layer on top of the operating system to segment the virtual servers. The operating system between virtual vaults allows each user to install their own OS and software that creates a real private server, separated from the others at the operating system level. So this is a concept like how our VPs our works. Suppose there is a physical host server having a lot huge configuration of CPU and memory and then on top of that there is a software that is called Hypervisor. So that software is responsible to provide something to allow you to create virtual servers on top of that physical machine. So all the virtual servers you can call it as a server.So all these virtual servers are dedicated to you every time you try to buy a Bps. So you have complete control on that server and you won't feel that you don't have any dedicated server.

It will give you complete control and you can have SSH or complete control of installing software like node, Python or whatever command line you want to access. So using that it will fulfill all your needs so that you can install third party software or packages whatever you want, unlike the shared hosting. Because in shared hosting you don't have SSH access or complete server access or control. Where you are limited to use third party services or software, you can't install it as a difference. In the Bps you have complete control on the server and you can install the services like when you are working on Angular or Node. So you will be able to install these software by yourself using the SSH.

So now let's talk about dedicated servers. A dedicated server provides functionality like an in house server that is owned, operated and managed by the back end provider. The user customer remotely connects with the dedicated server or the internet to perform a sort of server based services. A dedicated server may be used to host applications or services as well as for data storage and backup services. A dedicated server also may be used internally for the hosting and provisioning of specialized services such as implementing dedicated file or network servers. So if you use a dedicated server you will have complete control on the server. Same like VPs, you will have complete control on the servers.

You will be able to install the services. Whatever you want to install, you will have a complete access of the command line SSH. So almost you will have complete control of the servers. Same like DPS, but the only difference is that here you will have a physical server. And on the cloud suppose because you will have a remotely access of that server but on the remote it will be a physical machine. But as compared to the VPs, VPs server is also treated as a complete server. But if virtually created on a physical machine, on the same physical machine there are more than one virtual servers created. So this is the PPS and in the dedicated server you have a physical machine.

This is the only difference. Otherwise you will have complete control on the servers. And if you go to the VPs you will need to pay less money. But as compared to VPs, dedicated server will charge you much more than VP server. So now as a conclusion, shared hosting is a hosting where we use several resources, but it is shared among multiple websites. More than one website are posted on the same server and they share resources of the server. That is why from the performance and security it is less reliable and you won't get a lot of good performance on the website.

But it is good if you have less number of traffic and you are just starting up an online stuff, something like that. So you can go with the blogging kind of websites, informative websites, something like that, where you don't have much traffic and it doesn't require much server configuration or computational power.

So in those scenarios you can go with the shared hosting and if you now have little manufacture in websites and now you want a medium level website then you can go for Bps and if you want computational power or something then you can choose dedicated servers. So these are the different scenarios where you can use any of them based on your requirements and scenario, what you have, what kind of things performance you want. If you buy this video useful please like and Subscribe.