what is Cloud Server?

what is Cloud Server,

what is Cloud Server?

Hi. On sky today we will talk about cloud servers. 

So what is Cloud Server?

A cloud server is an old centralized server resource that is hosted and delivered over a network, typically the Internet, and accessed on demand by multiple users. Cloud servers can perform all the same functions as a traditional physical server delivering processing power, storage, and applications.

Cloud servers can be located anywhere in the world and deliver services remotely through our cloud computing environment. In contrast, the traditional dedicated server hardware is typically set up on-premises for exclusive use by one organization. So as an overview, we can consider cloud servers as like a collection of servers located someplace that are accessible to the internet, and users or people can access those servers for the Internet remotely. So what are the benefits of cloud servers?

You will need to pay less for the infrastructure since it is hosted by the cloud service provider and it is the responsibility of the provider. To manage infrastructure, you will need to pay less investment in server management since the hardware cost, software cost, and everything will be managed by the cloud provider. So you will need to just pay for what you are using. So in terms of cost, it will be a lot cost-effective and you will not pay much as an investment on servers. As an example of cloud servers, you already know that we have Azure, AWS, and Digital Oceans.

These are examples of cloud service providers. Nowadays most of the people are using our companies are using AWS or Azure cloud platforms in order to reduce their data center costs because they don't need to worry about infrastructure management, networking cost, hardware cost, and whatever is required to manage or to maintain our server infrastructure. These cloud providers like AWS or Azure and there are many Digital Oceans as well. They provide your facility to upgrade or downgrade server configurations based on the loads. So it is also very much flexible and beneficial in terms of cost optimization.

So nowadays a lot of companies are moving ahead to cloud platforms just considering all these aspects. We just talked. So that is why companies are moving to cloud platforms.