How to Resize the Server / Droplet in digitalocean?

How to Resize the Server / Droplet in digitalocean?

Hello friends, welcome to licloud blog. And today I'm here to show you how you can reset your server on Digital Ocean. And you may already know about that.All  virtual machines on Digital Ocean are called Droplets. So there are two options.
You can say there are two options to Resize your server in Digital Ocean. So one is using one is CPU and Ram and the other is CPU, Ram and disk. So let me show you one thing.I am currently logged into the Digital Motion account. You will also have the same panel and you will log in to your panel.

So let me show you something.You can say there are two options, one is CPU and Ramadan and the other is CPU and Ram.The important point to keep in  mind is that before scaling your server, you should be aware-about that once you choose CPU and Ram only option you can upgrade  server and after some time if you don't need server resources and want to downgrade it then you can downgrade so you can upgrade and downgrade  But if you choose disk, CPU and Ram option you can upgrade the server but cannot decrease the server because the option  you cannot do this you cannot because this option increases-the amount of CPU and Ram available to a droplet and permanently increases the size of the droplet  So this is the reason because sometimes because it is about the file system it may choose some other disk when you are upgrading   
So when you downgrade it your data will be lost. 

That's why you cannot reverse I mean downgrade your server when you choose this option.So that is the main point and the other points  you need to keep in  mind is that you can decrease the same. As I said Irreversible, when you choose this option with disk, CPU, Ram and disk you cannot decrease it. And how much time will it take to downgrade or upgrade?
It depends on the per GP size like how much larger your server is. So based on the number of GP it will take for GP 1 minute.The other important thing to keep in  mind is that it's always a good idea to take a snapshot or back up your server as you see fit.But snapshot is the fastest way to do it and before deciding you should take  snapshot of your server only because for the safe side if something goes wrong you can just recover your server from this snapshot very quickly.     It doesn't take much time and before performing the Resize operation you will need to shut down your survey.It is recommended because just to avoid any data, that's why. So this is the command that you should execute on your server. First you will need to log in through putty as you may have any other client to connect with your server, there is no dependent, there is no restrictions. Whatever clients you can choose to connect your server. After logging into your server you just execute this command and your server will shut down.

And now after shutting it down let me go through the package. This is the screen where you can see I am logged into my digital ocean account and here you can see there are many options on the left Sidebar. So this is the resized option you will need to Resize yourself from here but before doing that go to the snapshot and give a name as per your suitability. Whatever you want you can give a name to your snapshot and take a click on take a snapshot.It will request a backup, create a snapshot of your server, and  start showing up in this panel in this area.Alright so after doing that once you are done go to that Resize option and here you can see there are two options to choose from. First it is already selected, that is CPU and Ram and the other is disk, CPU and Ram. So I am selecting here so you can see here this will increase or decrease the CPU and Ram of your droplet not disk size. This can be reversed. It means you can upgrade and then downgrade later whenever you want but it doesn't happen with this option.

Once you increase you cannot decrease.I mean you can't downgrade the server once it's upgraded and these are the plans and you can see the type of servers you can choose from here in this list and basic premium and you can see here the memory and the virtual CPUs.     If you want to choose the server right now it is disabled.Once you choose one of the servers it will be activated and you can see here that it will take 1minute per JB of that I used by your DropNet so just click on Resize and very soon it will get resized.     So this is the only step after getting this Resize operation done just go to this power and click turn on your server will start and you can access your website as before.  

This is the only step that you can follow and there's no issue and you will get your server upgraded and later you can downgrade it whenever you want. The same steps you need to follow and choose the lower configuration server from the list from here. So that is it and if you find this video informative and useful for you please like it and subscribe. Thank you and if you want to see what you can follow this blog and you can see all the options thank you.