How to Create Droplet / Server on digital-ocean?

How to Create Droplet / Server on digital-ocean?

Hi welcome to licloud blog . And today we will learn how to create droplet in Dyson ocean. So let's get started. Now I have logged into my digital motion account and here you can see create button, just click on it and choose droplets.

So here you can choose the type of server you are going to create. So I am going with Ubuntu choose the basic plan or any of the plan you want to choose. So I am going with basic.

Here we have multiple type of servers so I will choose regular intel with SSD and the basic plan here in the basic plan you can say you can see we have one GB on CPU, 25 GBS SSD and 1000 GB transfer.

If you want to add a new block storage you can add it from here. But initially we don't need anything any extra storage in our server.

From this panel you can choose data center region. So right now by default it is selected New York and there are other options. You can choose any of them like Bangalore, Toronto, San Francisco, anything, whatever you want. So I am going with the default one that is Navy or this is the VPN network. You don't need to do anything here.

If you want to add monitoring, user data or IPV six you can choose any of them but I don't need initially if you are going to create a web server that will host a website so you don't need any of them. As of now in the authentication you can choose whether SSH or password. So if you choose SSH you will need to generate an SSH key to login to your server and if you choose password you will need to provide a password for the root user. So I'm going with the password. Now in this section you will need to put the host name and we will create one drop that only for now because we need one server to set up our website.

So that's why it is one. And here this is a default hosting so you can rename it whatever you want. So I'm renaming it with this is a by default project we have so there is no other so it is already submitted. So if you have more than one project you can choose any of them in the backup section. If you want to enable a backup it will just start taking backup of your server.

But as you can see it will take one dollars per month per droplet, 20% of the droplet price.

Now click droplet.

Here we have our droplet created so with one GB 25 GB disk space. So if you click here we can see other options.

See droplet has been created and that is it. Now you have this IP and private IP and other stuff that you don't need anything else, just the IP to log in.

So I am logged in with the credential I provided to the server while creating it. So as you can see this is the host name that we gave in the previous steps.

Right now it is a fresh server so nothing is installed on this server and now it is up to you whatever server you want to install on this newly created server like Apache. Ngnx or anything, maybe. Php, anything whatever you want to install. Now you can install it from here.